Friday, August 20, 2010

Product Comparison: Lindy's Stamp Gang vs Glimmer Mist

My Sheri Crafts just started to carry products from Lindy's Stamp Gang and I ended up getting some of them. :-) I have several bottles of Glimmer Mist (don't ask me how many--I don't count when it comes to my crafting supplies) and I wanted to compare it with the Moon Shadow Mists from Lindy's Stamp Gang. I also had some Twinkling H20 sprays on hand but since the nozzles were ALL clogged up, I decided to save them for another day. :-)
To the left is a piece of cardstock sprayed with Moon Shadow Mists in Pirate's Plunder Gold and Mystic Malachite. The lower half of the cardstock on the right was sprayed with Glimmer Mist--Gold and Spanish Moss.

I was WOWED by the deep colors and abundance of mica powder in the paper sprayed with Moon Shadow Mist.

The Moon Shadow Mist got absorbed by the paper almost immediately. After spraying the paper with just about the same amount, I noticed that the sparkle on the area with the Glimmer Mist was more subtle, and the liquid stayed on the surface longer, making it possible for me to brayer over it for a more even effect.

The same number of squirts from the Glimmer Mist bottle only covered half the surface area of the cardstock, which meant that I still had the upper half blank. So what did I do next? I used more Moon Shadow Mist to cover it. :-D

I used a glass top dining table for my work surface area and when I noticed a small pool of Moon Shadow Mist, I immediately started using the upper half of the "unmisted" cardstock to wipe off the excess.


  1. Thx Peachy, I love seeing the differences between the two products.....Lindy's ROCKS!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love Glimmer Mist, and have been spying the fun stuff from Lindy's Stamp Gang. I'm going to have to get some and give it a try!