Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here is the box that I received from Jeri, for our Sisters of The Traveling Shoe Box (STSB) swap. It's a mix of Baroque minimalism...and the tropics (thanks to the hibiscus flowers). :-) It's an unusual combination, but it works! I love the black and cream color combo. And yes, this box is hubby-approved!

I sent her this box. She goes for Japanese aesthetics in her decor, and she loves fall colors. It was quite a challenge, so here is what I came up with:

And to ensure that there won't be any "dibbs" on the things that I sent her, I included a claim check as well.

It will be a long while before I would join swaps like this again, since my focus right now is the Design Team projects and the GIBBS (Girls I'm Broke Box) swap--the swap for handmade items. But I had a lot of fun, and Jeri is a great partner. I'd love to be partnered with her again!


  1. Both of these boxes are just gorgeous! :)

  2. Just love these boxes both of them, Are these boxes that you all made???

  3. I think my swap sister got hers either at Michael's or Jo-Ann's. Those boxes come covered in gorgeous papers already. I got the black leather box at Hobby Lobby and just decorated it.