Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Circut challenge this week

I have been participating in the card forum at since the early part of September, and it was addicting! I'm glad that the sketches get released on Wednesdays. At least, I could get everything done before Project Runway night.

Here are the sketches and my interpretation of them.....

My inspiration for the first card is the character Aragog in Harry Potter and his multitude of children. Aragog is pointing at the word "Boo", in an attempt to teach his children how to be scary, but one child got distracted by the spider web on its side.

Instead of flowers, I had the spiders and I turned the stems upside down so I could leave a trail of spider web. I chose the neutrals black, white and silver. It's very Black Sabbath.

For the second sketch, I used the theme of butterflies and purple again. Purple is a spiritual color, while butterflies are "flighty". I like the mix of contrasting ideas in one page. I colored the butterfly with chalk first, then applied a thin layer of color using pencils, and blended it with odorless mineral spirit.

The third card has different shades of peach. The middle part has a bright shade of orange, to keep the attention to the middle. The flower was my first attempt at using colored pencils and odorless mineral spirit. The printed paper at the bottom is another leftover piece of paper from my wedding scrapbook.

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