Thursday, October 1, 2009

My crafting area

We live in a small space, so my crafts are all spread out. I have my Cricut Expression and printer in the living room, since I had my Design Studio installed in my husband's computer. I do like having the advantage of using a 50" plasma TV as my monitor. For now, I have just been using the guest room for my crafts.

I had that desk since I was single. It looks naturally distressed now, but it is meant to be used. I love the little cubbies that I have for storage.

The boxes on the other side of the room is where I store papers, albums, ribbon, embellishments and a whole bunch of stuff that makes my projects look interesting. I bought more supplies recently, so I had to use the bottom drawers of the wardrobe for my pencils, markers, paints, books, etc.

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