Saturday, March 27, 2010

ABCs of Cricut

I joined a swap at the Cricut message board and we were supposed to make cuts using Cricut cartridges. We had to make one cut each for the letters A to Z, with the exception of X. I could've made an XOXO for "X". :-)

Here are my cuts and the letters that they stood for:
A- Aurora
B- Belle
C- Cinderella
D- Desk
E- Easter Egg
F- Fan
G- Gift
H- Heart
I- Iridessa
J- Jasmine
K- Kimono
L- Little Mermaid
M- Mother
N- Naughty or Nice
O- Oven
P- Pagoda
Q- Fashion Quuen
R- Rosetta
S- Snow White
T- Tinkerbell
U- Unicorn
V- Valentine
W- Work It
Y- You're The Best
Z- Zebra

I had a hard time parting with the Disney Princesses and the Fairies.

I am so excited to share a wonderful news about the cuts that I made...they won the grand prize in the swap!

Here are the prizes that our generous hostess had sent to us:

Here are the rest of the entries:

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  1. What beautiful cuts! I don't think I have enough carts right now that I could do an A-Z