Saturday, May 29, 2010

Steampunk Inspired Jewelry

My earliest memories include watching Victorian and other period movies with my mom. She had the penchant of dressing me up in frilly outfits and granny boots. I also remembered playing with quaint household gadgetry like wine decanters with musical boxes and brass cigarette dispensers, which my family had collected through the years. I was raised the Steampunk way without even being aware of it. :-)

My friend Kimi told me today that they had the Industrial Chic line of jewelry pieces available at Michael's. She gave me the link, and I knew I had to get some of them to add to my collection. So here are what I came up with...

Both necklaces are 18" long. The necklace on the left has spinners and gears from Tim Holtz, and the cameo is from Madame Delphine. I made the necklace on the right for hubby. He was the one who taught me to play dominoes, hence the choice of pendant. He also picked the muse token as a dangler for the pendant.

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